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Union Council Name
Union Council Name. Khansar. Members UC Khansar
Tehsil. Bhakkar.
District. Bhakkar.
Province. Punjab.
Country. Pakistan.
Administrator. .
Villages. 45.
Population. 30,000.
Union Council No. 20.
Calling Code 0453.


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Khansar is one of the most populous Union Council in Distt. Bhakkar, Punjab, Pakistan. Khansar is located at 31*38'60N 71*4'0E at the elevation of 159 Meters and lies on the MM Road (Mainwali Muzfargarh Road). Khansar sar or saroghar is a word of SANSIKRAT language which means a pound i.e. Sargodha which was named in the Godha ram who was mostly sitting on a pound and in the same way Tabi sar, Amartasar, Qamar sar. Khansar was also coined the name on a pound 2 Km west to Khansar chock once there was a big pound which was the source of water for blouch tribes men and animal. The population of Khansar moza is 36 thousand and the population of UC Khansar is 10 to 12 thousand. The old name of Khansar was Aulakh abad. It was named as Khansar when blouch tribes who were basically fighters and who’s trade and bread and butter was battles, robbery, and theft, attacked the Aulakh and occupied their property and area. Khansar is divided in to moza Khansar, moza Dagar shada, Rakh Khansar and chakok. The first blouch who came there ware Jiskani and Mamdani.

Peoples People of Khansar are mostly poor; they are often engaged in litigation based on land disputes. Political interference & pressure is one more element which effects their life mostly people are of friendly nature but they are prey to their self-created prejudices.
Shilwar Qameez is the favorite dress. Literacy rate at Khanser is very high, even ladies are literate well educated and occupy the main seats in different departments, mostly they are in education dept. but few ladies have also been recommended by Punjab Public Service Commission in officer rank.
People of Khansar are also employs of different NGO’s but mostly they are farmers agriculture is their back-bone, in agriculture they have invented the new method of Tree plantation, this new invention has increased their income.


Ahmado Namay Wala Khansar. Amir Wala (bara) Khansar.
Amir Wala (chota) Khansar. Azeem Wala Khansar.
Bahadar Wala Khansar. Bakhtawar Wala Khansar.
Baqir Wala Khansar. Bhatian Wala Khansar.
CHAK NO 1/RMK Khansar. Chak NO 194 TDA Khansar.
Chak No 4.RMK Khansar. Dagar shada Khansar.
Faradian Wala Khansar. Fateh Khan Wala Khansar.
Fateh Khan Wala Khansar. Golay Wala Khansar.
Gulam Muhammad Wala. Hansaan Wala (North) Khansar
Hansaan Wala (South) Khansar Hasan Wala Khansar.
Jaffar Wala Khansar. Jeenday Wala Khansar.
Jethoo Khansar. Karachi Khansar.
Khanan Wala Khansar. Khan Muhammad Wala.
Koray Wala (East) Khansar. Koray Wala Khansar.
Lamdarian Wala Khansar. Lashkarani Wala Khansar.
Manjhni Khansar. Mehmood Wala (East) Khansar.
Mehmood Wala Khansar. Mehrab Wala Khansar.
Mirgay Wala Tiba Khansar. Moran Wala Khansar.
Mureed Wala Khansar. Muzaffar Wala Khansar.
Nawan Gussu Khansar. Noarang Wala Khansar.
Sadiq Wala Khansar. Sandian Wala (North) Khansar.
Sandian Wala Khansar. Shaday Wala Khansar.
Sohay Wala Khansar.

Schools in Khansar.

1. Govt. high School Jaffar Wala Khansar Bhakkar.

2. Khansar Public School Khansar Bhakkar.

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Official Web Sites.


In Bhakkar Suicide Blast
(23 Person were Killed and 36 were Injured.)

Parliament In camera Session
(Islamabad (October 09, 2008.)The Parliament is again holding in-camera session here on Thursday to continue discussion on the issue of militancy and terrorism.)

9 Die in Bus, Trailer Collision Near Bhakkar
(BHAKKAR: A wedding party bus and trailer collided near Bhakkar Monday killing nine persons including the bride and wounding 20 others.The bus crashed with a trailer from the opposite direction at M.M. Road due to lesser visibility.Two women including the bride and bus driver were also killed in the accident.The injured were transferred to Bhakkar and Dallewala hospitals.The rescuers recovered injured persons from the bus after cutting the body of the bus.(on Monday, December 29, 2008)
PAF aircraft crashes near Khansar Bhakkar, no loss of life reported
Khansar: A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft that was on an operational training mission crashed near Khansar, but no loss of life was reported. According to the statement issued by PAF, a Mirage Aircraft crashed on Khansar Road near Tota Shah, 30 kilometres away from Bhakkar, while on a routine operational training mission. The crash apparently occurred due to technical malfunction, and the pilot of the aircraft, Wing Commander Faisal, ejected safely. No loss of civilian life or property on ground has been reported, the statement said. After hearing the news of the incident, Saddar DSP Muhammad Zafar Iqbal reached the spot. A board of inquiry has been ordered by the Air Headquarters to determine the cause of the accident.(On Tuesday, November 21,2006) )
Member of UC Khansar

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Saints of Bhakkar

Sad Events In the History of Bhakkar

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Complete list of School & Teacher in Khansar

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